The UTFA is an organization that recently merged two state-wide coalitions—the Coalition for a Tobacco-Free Utah and the Utah Tobacco Prevention Task Force—in June of 2014. Over the years, these organizations have been successful at positively influencing the state of tobacco control in Utah. They have played a vital role in significant tobacco control successes in Utah such as:

  • • Passage of the Utah Indoor Clean Air Act.
  • • Acquiring and maintaining tobacco prevention and control program funding.
  • • Developing standardized materials to help health care providers talk with their patients about tobacco cessation.
  • • Passage of a $1.00 tax increase on cigarettes.
  • • Regulating sales of e-cigarettes to minors.
  • • Created a comprehensive hospital toolkit, which has led to many of Utah’s hospitals adopting a comprehensive tobacco-free campus policy.
  • • Passage of strict youth access laws and policies.
  • • Advocating for the regulation of candy-like dissolvable tobacco products in Utah.
  • • Encouraging the pass of legislation making 19 the legal age to purchase e-cigarettes in Utah.